Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm Spoken For!!!

HI! I have exciting news! I have been adopted! My foster mom was sad to see me got, she knew it was best for me. So, I have a new dad. I am an only dog, so I get ALL of his attention! He said we are going to have a great time.

I'll get to go to a dog beach when it warms up and for walks. He is also feeding me great food.

Check out the other dogs on the website. Many are adoption pending, but a bunch still need homes. The more they get adopted the more IBR can pull out of shelters and save.

Chicago Girl,

Salem Blue

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here I am again!

More pictures!!! Thank you for checking back! I'm off to eat my breakfast. Today my foster mom is going to put sardines in my food. Yummy! Happy Pointer, Salem Blue-Who

Monday, February 25, 2008


I love the snow!!! Almost as much as I love peanut butter. That is good stuff! I was eating some when my foster mom took my picture. It is snowing here tonight. I have so much fun playing in it, but I don't always realize how cold it is, so my foster mom has to make sure I come in when I'm getting to cold. Oh, and she brought a puppy here the other day. She was a fun little Beagle X. We ran all over the backyard. She isn't a foster, she just came for a visit. Here I am playing with one of the dogs that lives her. She is a dominate dog and I'm told that is what I need. I don't really know what that means, but I'm told that is what is best for me. Well, I'm tired, I ran around a lot today! Time to curl up into a little Pointer ball...Kisses and Snow Angels, Salem Blue-Who

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dog Show

I had so much fun last night. I keep seeing all these dogs on TV. My foster mom laughed so hard when I ran to the TV and barked and played bowed. There was Husky on TV and he kept running back and forth! I don't watch as much TV as I used to, I'm usually to busy playing, but I stopped many times last night to look and turned my head. I couldn't figure out why all those dogs kept running back and forth.

I have a fun dog show story! Hey, if you would like to hear it, ask my foster mom!!

That is my quick update. Check back soon! Don't forget to look at all the dogs on the website. We all need homes. IBR has had to slow down on the number of dogs they are taking in until more get adopted. Some of my friends got adopted recently. Wonder if I'll be next.

Happy Pointer Kisses,

Salem Blue-Who

Friday, February 8, 2008

Like the kibbles in my bowl...

These are the days of my foster life. OK, so someone asked my foster mom if I was named after the town Salem on a TV showed called Days of our Lives. Which I wasn't but my foster mom, who doesn't watch the show, thought it would be a fun way to start my blog. (I wasn't named after a teenage witch show either. )

Hey I have an idea! If you are interested in me, my foster mom can tell you where she got my name from!

I've been up to so much since my last post. I've gotten VERY VERY cuddly! Now I walk up to my foster mom so she can pet me. I do love to be held too! I just melt when someone holds me.

I sit and wait for my treats too! I recently had some with venison. YUMMY!!!

I'm not fond of the whole pedicure (the vet cut one to short), but as long as I get peanut butter during and after I don't fuss to much.

Today a bunch of kids pet me, I was in heaven!! One of them must have eaten something yummy I licked his face and he just laughed and laughed!
Also I have turned into a little watch dog. Well not little I'm about 35lbs. I saw a dog walk past the house and I protected my foster family and pack! My barking must have scared him away. He kept going. Then I stopped and went back to my toy.

Auntie Lisa (IBR Pres.) thinks I would be a great agility companion. Honestly, I have no idea what she is talking about. But I heard it had to do with running and jumping. Sounds good to me. I love to run and jump and play. I am very food and treat motivated.

Well that is what I've been up to. I'm still looking for my fur-ever family. Just no cats, I still think its fun to chase them, but humans think I shouldn't. That's OK though, I love to chew on toys and play with other dogs.

Pointer Cuddles,

Salem Blue-Who

(Now mostly called Blue-Who)

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Little Pointer Spots

Hello again. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr...It is cold out there! I hope it warms up soon so I can play outside a little more. I have been a good girl since I've been back. Thank you to my two moms who had me briefly, my foster mom loves that I let her wipe my paws.

Did you know ice is a good thing to eat?! I love it! Oh and I found out I really like plain yogurt. That is yummy!!! And I really like to eat apples, carrots, and sardines too!

My foster mom really wanted me to go to a home with another dog. A no nonsence dog that will keep my cute little spots in line. But she is also feels I might make a good only dog too.

So that is my update, my little pointer spots are back in line. But my foster mom tells me they are cute little pointer spots :)

Pointer Kisses,

Salem Blue-Who

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello Again...

Hi! It's been a while since my last entry. I was hoping this would have been my final entry. Last Sunday I met a great couple! They wanted to take me home. So they met my foster mom, and everything seemed to be going well. I was all set to have two moms, a fur brother, good food, a nice house and yard and a furry cat.

I was a bit reserved at first. But it didn't take long for me to warm up. By that evening I was loving my new home!

I do learn very quickly and I am very food motivated.

It turns out I'm not as cat friendly as originally thought. I liked to chase the cat a little bit to much. He wasn't like the cat at the vet that ignored me or the one that hissed at me. This one like to play a game. He ran and I followed. Only to him, it wasn't a game. So now my foster mom thinks a home without a cat may work better.

Still no Good Ol' Boy hunters. She is firm on that!

My foster mom will have more updates soon. I'm coming back to her house on Monday.

Oh before I forget, the rescue really wants to make everyone happy, so they have asked a few other foster moms to call the couple that wanted to adopt me so they can help them find the perfect match!!

I know the perfect dog is out their for them! And that will be one lucky pooch!!

IBR Dog Fur-Ever,

Salem Blue-Who

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear Lisa

Dear Lisa,

This is Salem Blue-Who. Today I was in my crate "singing" in protest. I did not want to be in there. So once again my foster mom said, "Salem instead of singing, write a letter to Lisa. Tell her how rough you have it."

So that is just want I am doing. Life is rough as an IBR foster dog. I've heard my foster mom talking to other foster moms and dads, sound like there fosters have it just as rough! Here are some complaints.

I still only get fed twice a day, well, it is high quality dog food.

Many of us got Christmas presents too! Wait, that's a good thing! I heard my friend Blitzen and Cambridge were part of a Secret Santa Exchange! They got toys in the mail!!

She still cuts my nails, or calls it a pedicure. Although I must admit my nails look lovely after she is done. My friend Ariel has to endure this too!

She won't let me go out in the rain and play. But she does wipe me down when I come in. I heard other foster moms and dads do the same!

She still turns off the fire place at night when its time for bed. But I do have a bunch of comfy blankets in my crate. I heard some foster dogs even get to sleep in bed with their foster moms and dads and have furniture privileges.

She made me go to the doctor. TWICE! I did get tons of kisses and treats at the dr. office though.

Today for a snack all I got was a whole apple and some carrots. I heard other dogs in the rescue get yummy treats too! She said Bronson and Pooh get raw food! Oh, and my friend Sawyer's foster mom went out in the rain to get some hot dogs for him because he was afraid!

I have to share a house with four other dogs! Can you imagine! But, well, we do have a lot of fun and play a lot! I was told one foster mom opened her house to 12 puppies!! Now other foster homes and helped with the puppies too! And one has been adopted already.

Oh, and there is the issues of this picture thing. She likes taking pictures of me! But she does tell me I'm cute. Oh, and did you see all the picture Jack's mom takes! He is handsome!

I did hear once an IBR dogs, always an IBR dog. Anyone of us can come back. I heard of two, Shyla and Daniel Boone! Both were lucky enough to get into foster care together! And I heard Tink is back and getting trips to the dog park. I heard Brandi's foster dad is happy to have her too!

Some foster dogs, Nick, Serafina, Rosie, Summer, Joe Cool and Annie have been waiting a long time for their furever home. But their foster moms and dads are letting them stay as long as they want. Wait, this foster thing may not be so bad.

My foster mom also said IBR takes in sick dogs too! Good thing I'm healthy, but I heard Bogie had some allergies and IBR is helping with them and Elton needs surgery. What??? You mean they wouldn't get this care at a shelter?

Hold on, let me re-think this. Maybe being an IBR foster dog isn't so bad. Good food, warm houses, fur friends to welcome us so we are not afraid, vetting, love, and lots of fun!? And we are part of a family forever, trips to dog parks, yearly picnics, agility, and hunting events, and field trials. OK, I've changed my mind. This foster thing isn't so bad! *

Quietly going into my crate now,

Salem Blue-Who

Foster homes are always needed. If you'd like to join the IBR family please fill out an on-line foster home application. IBR understands many people can't foster, but we always need help with transports, pulling dogs out of shelters, and helping with various other events.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rainy Day...

Hi again! Its a rainy day here, I've been hanging around the house chewing on my toys :)

Yesterday my foster mom did a home visit. Looks like my friend in rescue Kimmy, GSP X listed on IBR site, is going to her fur-ever home today! I'm so happy for her! I can't wait till it my turn!

IBR founder and President talked to my foster mom today. Seems another Good Ol' Boy called about me. For some reason they are not reading my entire blog.

My foster mom is a little leary of some hunters that have called and inquired. She just wants what is best for me. One of the dogs here was adopted through IBR she was pulled by the rescue from a high kill shelter because she was gun shy. The adopted Weim was not treated kindly by a BAD hunter before they toook him in. My foster mom isn't anti-hunter. She comes from a very BIG hunting family.
At this time my ideal home would be with a family, whether its a single person, a family with kids, single parents, committed partners, anyone that will love me and think of me as part of their family. Don't forget I love kids too! A fur brother or sister is OK too! But I need one that is very dominate. I like the handsome Bird dog X next door. I flirt with him through the fence LOL.

Pointer Kisses,

Salem Blue-Who

Thursday, January 3, 2008

5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Ye..

Oh welcome back to my blog! Thank you for checking up on what I've been up to. Pull up a chair, I'll pull out my Nyla bone and catch you up to date.

I have a few New Years Resolutions.

-Keep eating my good food.

-Put a little more weight on my girlish figure.

-Grow into my big paws and legs.

-Get adopted.

It's cold out there! This is my first winter and I am loving it! My foster mom said the snow looked pretty then she let all of us out. We had a blast running and playing in it. I enjoy eating it too.

I'm told I have a funny little quirk. I guess not all dogs like to stop and watch TV. Now my foster mom calls me Salem Blue-Whooooooooo. I kept watching this silly little dog on a TV cartoon called The Grinch. The dog show on Animal Planet caught my attention too. I watched the TV and turned my head wondering, what on earth are they doing?

I am really settling in to being a house dog. I still grab things I shouldn't but now instead of running away with them I bring them to my foster mom or sometimes when she tells me no, I just drop them and walk away.

I like to cuddle a bit more then I did when I first came here. Foster Mom talked to Lisa, IBR President. She wondered if I had very little interaction with people until now. I am by no means afraid or mean to anyone, I just kept to myself and the other dogs more then my foster mom has seen from other fosters.

I did learn I can bark. I scared myself the first time I did it. I didn't know it came out of my cute little mouth! But I've only barked a couple times, I let the other here do that work.

It's time for my mid morning nap. Thank you for coming back again. If you fill out an application make sure to put down you would like to meet with me. :)

Happy New Year,

Salem Blue-Who

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Came!!!! Santa Came!!!

He came!!! I must have been a really good girl! I got 2 presents from Santa and one from my foster family. I love my new toy!

I'm really settling in and learning to be a house dog. My foster mom thinks I was part of a litter and all my litter mates were sold and I was left over and taken to the shelter. I'm very comfortable in the house now. I love when my foster mom holds me like a baby.

I am about 99% house trained. I've only had two accidents since my last update. They were by the back door, nobody was looking to see that I had to go out. But every time I go to the backdoor now someone lets me out and I do my business.

I'm really learning to listen too. I drop something when I'm told no and come when I am called.
I am a very independent little girl. I can occupy myself by chewing on a toy or playing with another dog. I love running around outside with the others here.

I do like to "sing" in my crate, but my foster mom has never heard me bark. When the other dogs bark to see who is at the door, I follow, but no barking comes out of my cute little mouth.

I am still looking for a very active home. Oh, good news! I almost forgot, I'm not nippy anymore and I don't jump up. Once in a while I forget, but I stop as soon as I'm told no.

I don't like to be scolded, my feelings get very hurt :( I got scolded today and my feels got very hurt. I didn't know I couldn't chew the dish towel. Now I have my own towels in my crate that are OK for me to carry around the house and put in my crate.

Check back soon! I hope I get adopted and my other rescue friends do too! That give the rescue more room to take in other dogs.

Independently, but Still Cuddly Yours,

Salem Blue

Monday, December 10, 2007

OH NO!!!

Must be important, two updates in one morning!!! My foster mom says the following:

This morning she rec'd a phone call. Someone gave out her cell phone number, which was fine, but this person was a BAD hunter! He apparently didn't read my blog entirely, if at all. If you are a hunter please read ENTIRE blog! My foster mom cannot stress this enough. THIS IS 110% NON-NEGOTIABLE!!!!

*Good Ol' Boys need NOT apply. ALL hunting methods will discuss in great detail any and ALL hunting methods you plan on using. ALL must be positive training. I have been spayed, IBR does not follow the ignorance that hunting dogs must be in tact. Also IBR does not believe hunting dogs should live in outdoor kennels so their noses work better. Does yours work better in the cold outdoors? How would a choke collar or pinch collar feel around your neck? Think about that before putting one on any dog. Try it on yourself first! All dogs are to be pets first and possibly hunting dogs second. So if you feel a dog is just a hunting accessory to be tossed aside if it does not work, forced to live outside, and treated harshly please to not apply for an IBR dog or any dog, buy a goldfish instead!


Hi again...Have you seen all this snow??? I love it. My foster mom laughs when I'm outside, I like to throw the snow around and eat the ice outside. But she doesn't let me me stay outside long since its been so cold.

My foster mom says I'm a very precocious little puppy. I know my name is Salem, I know the leave it and no. I'm working on sit right now.

I'm going through what my foster mom calls a "nippy stage". So I might do better with kids over the age of 8. I'm learning not to jump either, that's why my foster mom thinks kids a little old might be better. But if I'm still in foster care and not nippy or jumpy then younger kids may work. I really do love kids!

Puppies in petstores sure are cute! But at Christmas don't forget the puppies, dogs, and cats in rescues and shelters. We would all love furever homes. Sadly some of those "cute puppies" that are bought at Christmas join us in shelters when it doesn't work out and petstores don't take them back. Rescue dogs can always come back to the rescue. Once and IL Birddog Rescue dog, always an IL Birddog Rescue dog.

Check out the other dogs in the rescue. The more dogs that are adopted from the rescue opens the door for more to be pulled out of shelters and can come into the rescue. Most of us have sad stories, but usually we leave those behind at the shelter and just want a loving and safe home.

Happy Holidays,

Salem Blue

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

It's me, Salem. I've been a very good puppy this year. My foster mom bought a Christmas present for me. I can't wait to open it!! She said even if I get adopted before Christmas I can take it with me, along with my blanket and favorite toy.

That's the reason I'm writing to you. Santa, I really want a furever home for Christmas.

This is my wish list:

Adults with or without kids to love and kiss me. (I give a lot of kisses).

I want to be a member of a family for a lifetime.

A lot of play time in a yard and/or dogpark and walks.

A nice warm place to sleep.

I really want to keep eating the food my foster mom is giving to me.

Also, I love hard nyla bones to chew on.

I'd like to be a lap dog too, my foster mom lets me sometimes, but I understand if I can't be, I'm getting to be a big girl.

My foster mom doesn't let me on the furniture, but if you'd like to that would be great. I really love to cuddle either in her lap or on the floor with her.

I'm going to wish as hard as I can Santa and I hope it will come true.

Signed the good little pointer girl,

Salem Blue

(Foster mom promises new pictures soon...Stay tuned...Salem Blue)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vetting and Tests...

Hi! Welcome back to my blog.
Yesterday my foster mom took me to the doctor. There were these little furry things there called cats. Maybe you've heard of them? Well, I think they are fun to chase! I don't understand why humans don't agree with me. A girl about 6 years old kept hugging me and I was in heaven!!!

So even if you don't have children of your own, but have grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins, or friends with young kids I am very friendly.

I was a very good girl at the doctor. She felt around and looked at my teeth, OK, that part I wasn't thrilled with. But I gave her A LOT of kisses. She weighed me, I'm up to 30.6 pounds. I've put on 4 pounds since I've been in foster care, about 10 days. She removed my small spay stitch. And the part I really didn't like was getting my microchip put in. But she did give me 2 treats after it was done.

Today I got another bath. I was much better this time, by the end I was just standing there waiting to get towelled off. My foster mom figured out the trick. She talked to me the whole time. I wish I could talk back and ask her to hurry up, I wanted to go play.

Check back soon, I'm always up to something new and fun. Now that I'm dry and my breakfast has settled its time to go play again. Yesterday I was tossing a toy around the backyard and a peice of ice from the top of the water bowl. Oh...I hear my friends barking, time to run...

Pointer Smiles,

Salem Blue

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I had a fun weekend!! I did get into a little puppy mischief. I played a game called attack the Swiffer. But my foster mom wasn't mad, she laughed and told me no, then I moved onto chase the vacuum. That was fun! I did get a little time out in my crate for that one. But that was OK, time for my nap anyway.

I love love love to play. When I am not napping I am non-stop energy! I enjoy chewing on hard toys and I'm learning what I'm not allowed to chew on. My foster mom says I learn quickly and have been very good. I have not destroyed anything.

She gave me a pillow case I love to carry around. I also like to keep it in my crate. Since I'm only abou t4 months old I still have trouble holding it in my crate and have had a few accidents, but I do know to go outside when my foster family gets home. I follow all the other dogs out the door.

I'm eating and putting on weight. When I came to the rescue I had some worms, but now I feel much better! My foster mom is very strict about what food I can eat. So far its all been very good. I am not picky.
I am a very good puppy and very happy, but remember I am a puppy and puppies are a lot of work and we need POSITIVE direction.

My foster mom promised me the purfect home is out there for me

I'm off to go play. Check back soon.

Pointer Playfulness,

Salem Blue

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One Quick Note...

Hello again...

My foster mom just wanted to put in a post before the Holiday.

Today I was just a lazy puppy, it rained here all day. I ran outside really quick to go to the bathroom and ran just as fast to get back in.

My foster brother got up in the middle of the night last night...His tummy was bothering him...When my foster mom came in I whined a little to get out of my crate to, but settled quickly once I realized it was still time to sleep. Sometimes I make little moaning sounds and I'm told I snore just a bit.

I'm learning my name, down, and no. I'm catching on quick. I've been watching the other dogs outside and today I went by the door to go out.

I don't understand why I'm told, "Salem, you know you are not a lap dog." I'm only 26 pounds, sounds like a good size lap do to me! I love to held and cuddled. I let my foster mom hold me like a baby to check my spay stitches.

I'm thankful for having a nice warm crate to sleep in, good food to eat, fur friends to play with, and my foster family, but I hope I get a permant home soon.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm told I'll get some turkey, whatever that is and more pumpkin. I really liked the pumpkin today!

Happy Dreams,

Salem Blue

Thanksgiving came early!

Hi, my name is Salem. Thanksgiving came early for me. I just finished up eating, quality food and canned pumpkin. YUM! So this is my story...

I was in a shelter for a little while, but one day I heard someone walk to my run and say, "H-15 Black and White Pointer going to IL Bird Dog Rescue." That was me! After about 2 hours I got out of a van an IBR volunteer took me in her car to her house.

I'm about 4 months old. I am full of energy. There are other dogs for me to play with here and I love it! Its so much fun. At first I wasn't so sure about the Weim, he is 75-80lbs, but we play all the time now. I'm smaller though, right now I'm about25 lbs, but I'm going to get bigger, probably close to 45lbs.

I have been kid tested with kids over 10 yrs old. My puppy teeth are gone. I've only had two accidents in the house, but I love to be outside. BUT I MUST LIVE INDOORS!! As must ALL IBR dogs.I am not gun shy, my foster dad tested me, I didn't even know he did it. But my foster mom and dad are going to be VERY VERY picky if a hunting family is going to adopt me. No Good Ol' Boys for me!* THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE!!!!

I a want a home to call my own. I have a lot of love and kisses to give. I'd like a family to love me, maybe a fur sister or brother and good quality food. Check out the other IBR dogs, we all need homes. The more dogs that get adopted the more can come into the rescue.

Pointer Kisses,


*Good Ol' Boys need NOT apply. Foster dad does hunt and will discuss in great detail any and ALL hunting methods you plan on using. ALL must be positive training. I have been spayed, IBR does not follow the ignorance that hunting dogs must be in tact. Also IBR does not believe hunting dogs should live in outdoor kennels so their noses work better. Does yours work better in the cold outdoors? How would a choke collar or pinch collar feel aroundyour neck? Think about that before putting one on any dog. Try it on yourself first! All dogs are to be pets first and possibly hunting dogs second. So if you feel a dog is just a hunting accessory to be tossed aside if it does not work, forced to live outside, and treated harshly please to not apply for an IBR dog or any dog, buy a goldfish instead!